Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello blogging world...I am Rebecca and I am addicted to baking

Ok so I am new to all this blogging but I figured hey give it a shot see how you like it and see if anyone else responds to what I am saying so here I am its 1030 and I am the only one in the house who is awake right now. Today I attempted my first try at French Macarons...and boy what a challenge it was!!! This leads me to tell you a bit more about myself and a little more about the thing I love doing more and that is baking...Cause just like my blog title says baking really does make life sweeter..so now back to my macaroons I have to admit it seems so much easier then it really is and people are right its not just some recipe you follow its a technique. So I just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas and you feel like you can do anything now that you are now titled "Pastry Chef" but in the end I still have a lot to learn!!! So I am here to share my thoughts and experience and my triumphs and "failures" (aka trial runs ;o) with anyone and everyone intersted in all the things that I am...and thats EVERYTHING BAKING!! I mean come on I didnt go to school to learn this stuff for nothing even though most of my love for baking came from watching my family mostly my grandma baking cookies for the holidays or making that very family favorite "garbage candy" which really is just candied grapefruit peels but I have to admit some of the simpler things are my favorite! So the basics about me is I am 26 almost 27 and am a single parent of a 4 year old boy named Jacob. Like I said earlier I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas a few weeks ago one of my bigger accomplishments OTHER then becoming a mother and I am so glad I did cause there is nothing better then getting paid to do what I love and that is making yummy little goodies for everyone and anyone willing to eat what I make! So now that I have told you a little about myself and my passion I hope that you will come back and see my stuff as soon as I start putting stuff up!! Like pics of my first attempt at macarons and possibly some stuff I made while I was still in school to show some of you what we learned and hopefully inspire you to either try your hand at some of these things or maybe even inspire you to go to school!! So thank you for listening to me ramble on and see you again!!